Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Android Tablet Development, Android Tablet Apps Development

The Android operating system from Google is a force to be reckoned with after several years of slow but steady growth. Its overall share of 50% of the tablet PC market today provides companies, both large and small, with a stable, reliable and cost-effective option to consider investing in Android technologies not only for employees across the enterprise but also for their customers.
Let a dedicated Android tablet development team from Halosys Technologies work with you closely right from the initial phase to assess your needs, evolve a blueprint and implement the solution to serve your enterprise-level requirements.
Android Tablet Development The Perfect Answer
  • Incredibly low apps development and maintenance costs when you compare it with other mobility platforms
  • Dozens of manufacturers at either end of the spectrum from whom to purchase Android hardware
  • Active and unflinching support from Google itself with one of the largest and most talented OS development groups in the world
  • Single-window access to all Google products such as Gmail, GTalk, Google+ and other applications
  • Impressive levels of innovation on both the hardware and software fronts across the Android space
  • True multi-tasking much like multi-tasking in the Windows environment
What is more, Android tablets are available in a mind boggling variety of screen sizes, features and price points. Since Halosys Technologies’s efforts are not limited to Android tablet programming alone, our highly accomplished and experienced engineers will even make precise hardware recommendations for you based on your needs and budget. Our expert-level knowledge of the Android operating system, the Android Framework, SDK as well as an arsenal of development tools and libraries makes it possible for us to design, develop and successfully implement the right Android tablet solution for your company.
Android tablet solutions from Halosys Technologies also include:
  • Porting iPhone and BlackBerry apps to work on Android tablets
  • Testing and validating your Android app on a variety of tablet processors and platforms such as Qualcomm, ARM, Nvidia Tegra2, TI’s Blaze, Intel Atom and others
  • Using simulators to test your app on all versions of the Android OS including Gingerbread and Honeycomb
  • Performing future version upgrades each time Google announces a new version of Android