Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Discussing Certain Specifications and Features of Windows Phone 8

Windows phone 8 is an operating system and belongs to the next generation of window phone. Latest reports say that Microsoft’s windows phone 8 is supposed to introduce a new private sharing feature for multimedia and content. With high expectations from windows phone 8, people are interested to see what is new in the mobile operating system. More details is yet to come but many mobile manufacturing companies have already announced to launch the new system and some of the popular mobile devices are Nokia Lumina 920 and 820, Samsung ATIVS etc.

Windows 8 will be sharing code base with windows phone 8 and this will result into integrated ecosystem where the software developers can easily create various applications that can be used on tablets, phones or desktops. It has become easy to write codes for various windows application development that shares features and the common codes ensure that you are able to play games across windows and windows phone 8. It has a new grouping feature that is dubbed as rooms that will rest under People hub and this feature will enable the users to create a room or form a group to share photos, videos, calendar and notes.

Windows phone 8 will use the same kernel as windows 8 for a better experience and it will also provide networking stacks, multimedia support, security that the developers will be able to reuse the codes and within very less time they can port applications and software from the desktop PC to the phone. Windows phone 8 will have a new home screen and users can easily change the individual tile size of the screen based on their requirements. The new screen will not have any side arrows to tell you to swipe away for more applications and you can have some extra space for tiles. It will support much higher resolution that will help the developers to create rich looking applications. With removable Micro SD cards and multi core chipset, windows phone 8 will offer everything that you want.