Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Appcelerator Titanium Development

Appcelerator Titanium Development
Titanium cross platform has empowered the workforce, transformed the customer relationship and mobilized the business processes. With around 350,000 applications in use, Titanium cross platform enables you to reach the end users with rich mobile or hybrid applications that can leverage the best worlds from a single code base.
Halosys Technologies can help you address this business challenge because there now exists an agile and robust development platform which Halosys Technologies can successfully deploy that will enable the same mobile app to work flawlessly on at least three platforms with a few minor exceptions.
Appcelerator Titanium supports the following:

  • Mobile Groupware
  • Mobile SMS Applications
  • Mobile Shopping
  • Enterprise Mobile CRM
  • Enterprise mobile collaboration
  • Mobile eCommerce
  • Mobile Fleet Tracking
  • Mobile Conferencing
  • Entertainment
  • Business reporting
Why Titanium?
  • Open source technology which is why Titanium application development is so cost effective and generates exceptional ROI
  • Cross-platform support for iPhone, Android and Blackberry operating systems simultaneously
  • Tons of APIs to propel the entire Titanium development cycle from end-to-end
  • Supports Javascript, Ajax and Objective C which precludes the need to master a native language or framework
  • In-built support for web technologies including HTML, CSS, PHP, Ruby and Python
  • Plug-in architecture which affordably supports a wide gamut of smartphone features and functions such as location awareness services, social media, accelerometer, multimedia and animation, geo-location, compass, camera functions and many more
  • Excellent modules to run compatibility tests and assessments to ensure that Titanium apps development from Halosys Technologies delivers flawlessly
  • Mobile Conferencing
  • Worldwide development and support community because, after all, Titanium development is open source all the way
Why choose us?
  • Certified Appcelerator Titanium app developers
  • Customized applications for Appcelerator Titanium
  • Robust user interface development
  • Error free Apps Delivery
  • Upload app on Apple App Stores & Google Apps Marketplace
  • Provide Appcelerator Titanium integration and consulting services
  • On-time delivery of projects
  • hird party integration (API)