Tuesday, June 23, 2020

iPhone business app development, iPhone business solutions

Business-oriented apps for the iPhone platform continue to gain immense popularity owing to the significant difference they can make to an organization’s productivity and expansion efforts. Halosys Technologies can build iPhone business software that seamlessly integrates with your existing backend enterprise infrastructure to deliver robust applications based on the iPhone’s powerful features which include multi-tasking, face-time video capability, encryption and security to protect enterprise business intelligence, and device management functions. Our UI designs are stunning, download speeds are fast and execution times are impressive. What is more, as highly skilled and talented members of a dedicated development team which we can exclusively constitute for you based on your enterprise needs, engineers at Halosys Technologies will design, test and deploy iPhone business solutions for your enterprise based on your enterprise needs.
Why choose the Apple iPhone platform for enterprise-wide deployment?
When it comes to iPhone business application development, Halosys Technologies recognizes that the iPhone is an outstanding business phone, especially the iPhone 4S with its Siri assistant, contact management, multi-tasking, calendar, business card and location-aware reminder service all of which can be easily and affordably integrated into your custom business app for enterprise-level deployment.
There is more!
  • Accessing your corporate document repository across the enterprise using a custom doc processing app
  • One-touch support for your sales force with a dedicated app for important functions such as order entry, payment record processing, help desk and customer support
  • Tracking sales metrics through a rich iPhone application
  • Making sales presentations to your clients using rich media
  • Front-end access to mission-critical data from ERP solutions such as Oracle and SAP with a custom iPhone business app
  • iPhone business communication app for use within the enterprise which supports important communication protocols such as one-to-one voice communication, instant messaging, online meetings with collaboration tools such as file sharing and whiteboards, and content swapping between your employees
  • Custom ")?>for in-house employee certification, training and development