Tuesday, June 23, 2020


We offer excellent and admirable business solutions incorporating latest technologies

As you seek to outsource your next major and mission-critical web development or mobile development project to a company you can trust and rely upon, one of the primary factors you will take into consideration prior to making a decision is the scope and level of the Internet technology you expect the development team to adopt and leverage as they build the next critical software application for your enterprise.
The 5 Benchmarks of Technology Evaluation 5 Questions you should ask every company you consider for web application development
  • Did the most recent development project you completed for another company that happens to be similar to ours deploy the latest version of the Internet technology you plan to use for us?
  • How often do your software engineers, developers and project leads attend workshops to upgrade their skills?
  • Is all the software you use to build applications duly licensed?
  • What is your company’s track record with respect to technology ramp-up?
  • Will you upgrade my application upon completion if a new OS, Internet technology or platform comes online?
Unqualified commitment to the latest Internet technologies
At Halosys Technologies, the answers and solutions we present to the questions listed above can best be summarized as firm affirmations of our commitment to our global customer community. Our dedicated teams of highly qualified engineers duly constituted to manage your project not only use state-of-the-art tools, platforms and frameworks, they are required to remain updated at all times at our expense and on our payroll. We use licensed software only and will gladly upgrade your application as soon as a major OS or framework upgrade appears on the technology horizon.
From PHP technology to .Net technology and from mobile technology to web technology, Halosys Technologies strives to stay ahead of its competition so that you can stay ahead of yours.
Although we have outlined the technologies we use on all our service description web pages down to version numbers and frameworks, There are several other Internet technologies such as open source technology and Java technology about which we have been more than specific. Please feel free at all times to drill and grill us about the Internet technology we are planning to use for your application by writing to us, calling us or by using and IM solution as you interact with one of us. At Halosys Technologies, your satisfaction is our mission and your success is our achievement.