Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Why Developers Prefer to Work with Drupal CMS

Drupal is considered to be a leading open source content management system that helps the developers to create flexible, sophisticated and robust websites, applications and social media networks. There are many CMS out in the market but web developers choose to use Drupal for creating any website as it is easy to maintain for small or big organizations. Being an open source, Drupal’s code is easily available for free and no one owns it. It is optimized and can run on various servers like Apache, MySQL and Linux. The developer’s community can add new feature, or modules that are constantly developed and tested and this is one of the prime reasons of its fast growing popularity.

Reasons for selecting Drupal:

Many add on features: there are around 1800 different modules available with Drupal and different types of site can be developed by using such modules that can meet the business needs at very low cost. It allows the developers to concentrate more on the task of creating a great and attractive website.

Social networking: Drupal offers a strong foundation for a broad spectrum of social networking tools like wikis, blogs, articles, social networking, forums etc.

Security: with a strong developer’s community, Drupal offers a stable set of security capabilities that helps in authorization, protection and authentication against any security threats. Security issues are taken very seriously by the Drupal community.

Huge contributors: Drupal enjoys more than 700 contributors who have successfully contributed to the latest Drupal 6 release and there are about 1800 modules that are created by the community. They apply their innovations to create new modules or plugins and this is also a reason for developers selecting Drupal over other CMS.

No licensing fees: developers can create Drupal web development applications without having to spend a lot of their money. Since it is an open source, the software license is available for free. This money can be saved and utilized to meet other business needs and create stunning websites.