Tuesday, June 23, 2020

iPhone 5 Comes with New Design and Technology in the Market

With the latest Apple’s iPhone 5, users are keenly waiting for the developments of technology in the new phone. This phone is expected to be something more than just other smartphones as the future of Apple’s market depends highly on it. This phone is an upgraded version of iPhone 4S and it is expected to be a hit with Apple fans and also with new users.

There are several new features added and in this piece of wiring lets discuss some top features of Apple’s iPhone5.

Apple’s iPhone has a new 4 inch screen that lets you to view more information on the screen at the same time. The display is also brighter than the display of iPhone 4S. iPhone 5 is built on wireless LTE technology and this enables to get connected faster to networks and makes downloads and web browsing much faster. Most emails and pages can easily be downloaded instantly. This phone also has an improved camera and better HRD capabilities and fast picture taking speed. The camera supports panoramic photos to 240 degrees and enables the users to take a picture from the power on screen before finger swipe or entering the password.

The iphone5 has improved email applications that make the users even more efficient. The VIP email folder helps the user to see the most important messages in a single list and they can easily respond to the important mails. The users can also use more control to handle incoming calls and even send a predefined text message to the person or can add a reminder so that they can call back later. With easy access to Twitter and Facebook, the iPhone allows post status updates easy with only few clicks. The phone also has a passbook app that permits the users to keep various tickets in one place. You can keep your boarding passes, tickets inside your passbook and retrieve it later when needed.