Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Windows mobile development, Windows 7 mobile development

If you are a forward-looking thought leader and a decision-maker who believes in the first strike advantage, you should consider the Windows mobile development platform for your enterprise. Analysts believe that the Windows mobile applications development environment is slated to rank among the three most popular mobile platforms of choice by 2015 with an estimated 26% market share right up there with Android and the iPhone.
Your dedicated team of Windows mobile apps development engineers which Halosys Technologies will constitute for you is eager and ready to work for you exclusively to build the next generation of business apps for your enterprise. What is more, our Windows 7 mobile development teams are on familiar territory because Windows has been a dominant force for almost two decades. Microsoft calls it the “enterprise-focused” smartphone application platform. We call it sheer business sense. Here is why:
  • Guaranteed win-win situation and assurance of top-notch quality for your enterprise applications when two successful industry leaders like Nokia and Microsoft join hands
  • Highly affordable development costs because the technologies Halosys Technologies will deploy to build the business apps for your enterprise will use modified versions of standard Windows technologies and frameworks such as Windows Mobile SDK, SQL Server Mobile Edition, Visual Studio (Integrated Development Environment), .NET Compact Framework, ActiveSync and the Windows Mobile Device Center all of which are admirably supported by Microsoft
  • Well stocked library of tools and APIs that are frequently updated by Microsoft and contribute significantly toward robust Windows 7 mobile development
  • Improved security and performance of your business apps behind your corporate firewall owing to Windows’ enhanced security features and credentials
  • Deep integration of your smartphone, desktop, tablet Pc, and any other handheld device you may own or your enterprise distributes to your employees
  • Seamless development of cross-platform applications that are customized to address the needs of your organization
  • Intuitive integration of many emerging enterprise-friendly technologies in the future such as Skype access and integration, tap-to-share, ActiveSync, NFC, native BitLocker encryption and Secure Boot
  • Unique ability for Windows mobile users to multi-task unlike the iPhone where multi-tasking comes with many limitations